Convention Cherry by Jon Matteson

Well, I finally broke it.  I went to my first convention. And I get it.

I get it and I love it.  I mean, I know why people parody and make fun of conventions and cosplay, but I think it's BEAUTIFUL.  Theres an age range of people from 7-mid 50s who dedicate hours into building a fun, accurate, original costume that they can parade around while everyone celebrates their love for anime, comics, role playing games and all of nerddom.  

I wish I had been there earlier.  I mean, when I was in high school, I would have LOVED THIS.  Hell, I still do, but I would have really fit in with this crowd.  They have booths dedicated to dragons.  Need I say more?  

There were a couple of images that made me smile though.  For instance, as I was leaving the convention, there was a tall female teenager, dressed in some anime schoolgirl outfit with a sword, MARCHING ANGRILY on the sidewalk.  And, about 4 feet behind her, walking at the same pace, but with a shrug and an expressionless face, was a middle aged woman who obviously looked defeated.  That made my day.  Hopefully that girl will treasure that memory after she writes down all of her angst on her blog.

Also, a big thank you to my wonderful girlfriend who surprised me with this.  What girlfriend goes in blind to an anime convention?  A brave and loving one, that's for sure.

Future cosplay ideas include Spike from Cowboy Bebop, some male disney character, or something really really obscure.  I'm working on it.

Poetry - Forever You by Jon Matteson

Forever You

by Jon Matteson

If ever there were  a grain of sand that fell into the sea,

If ever there were a star above or blossom in a tree,

If ever there were a crimson rose that bloomed in love's full bliss,

I know that ours will ever bloom

and long will be our kiss.

If ever there were a mountaintop that yearned to scrape the sky,

If ever there were a fond embrace or twinkle in your eye,

If ever there were an angel's touch that graced the earth in hue,

If ever there were a truer love,

There is forever you.


I wrote this poem when I was in high school, for my high school girlfriend: Camille Schmierer.  I posted this first because it was the one poem I wrote that I always had memorized, and I'm not at my apartment right now to look through my other writings.  But hey, I figure... here's a place to start.

The Greatest Sister and Nephew by Jon Matteson

So, my nephew is the greatest.  As is his mother, my sister.  

I know every proud Uncle says this, but here's some undeniable proof.

1. His name is Keagan Jonathan Strong.  Keagan Strong sounds like a superhero's name before he was gifted a powerful item by an alien race or doused with nuclear waste.  The kid will possibly have a big head.  Just from the fact that his name is perfect.  Keagan means, "a thinker; fiery." Jonathan... well, I meant o come on.  *pointing to myself* And Strong...  This kid is set for success.

2. He has the biggest mane of curly hair, and he's only TWO!

3. I'm He has a pet elephant named E.  This is obviously because he understands that elephants are in danger of going extinct, and we need to raise awareness any way we can.  His way of raising awareness is by carrying around an adorable pThe fact I can yyyyÿtttttyurple elephant.u

4. He's already a talented dancer and singer.  He's incredibly expressive like his mother.  He has an amazing personality like his mother.  He has two amazing and talented and intelligent parents.

I'd go more into detail, but you would only understand if you met him.  More videos and photos to come.

Love and Work by Jon Matteson

Hiya everyone.

I think I'm discovering that... the way we handle the world outside of the work (comedy, theatre, or film, or any artistic medium) directly affects the work that we do.  I'm finding that, if I'm treating others with respect, I respect my own work more, if I'm feeling intense passion or love towards a woman, then I can see it in my work.  If I'm with someone who treats my work with respect, then I blossom.  Etc. Etc.

This isn't a new idea.  It's just something that I'm rediscovering.  It's a good reminder that... if you live a life of discipline, and treat yourself and others kindly and with devotion, then you can expand like a tomato plant when it's fed water regularly.

Anyways, off to sleep.  Love you all.

New Website aka Squarespace rocks. Also: Stephen Ferrell. by Jon Matteson

First of all, Squarespace is a beautiful platform.  That's all.

This is my new website.  I'm hoping this one feels a bit more alive and expresses a little more about me.  Including this blog and the things I write here.  I hope to include a lot of the things I create here.  Links to my web videos, new poetry that I've written, or short pieces about other artists I see or meet.

First of all, I'd like to talk about how lucky I am to have so many talented, spectacular friends around me.  In this case, I'm referring to my friend, Stephen Ferrell.

He is a courageous, bold, energetic, and charming actor.  He doesn't act much anymore, but he does perform and inspire others on a daily basis as a teacher.  He may reach more lives with his performing on a daily basis than I do or several other of my friends.  In this video, which is a story he told at the 2014 Teach for America - NY Alumni Story slam, he tells a story of how he has had to fight for his education, and how he has been inspired to fight for others and their education.

This inspired speech reminds me of how important it is to fight everyday, especially when you have something to fight for.  Please watch.

Stephen Ferrell - Fight