The Greatest Sister and Nephew / by Jon Matteson

So, my nephew is the greatest.  As is his mother, my sister.  

I know every proud Uncle says this, but here's some undeniable proof.

1. His name is Keagan Jonathan Strong.  Keagan Strong sounds like a superhero's name before he was gifted a powerful item by an alien race or doused with nuclear waste.  The kid will possibly have a big head.  Just from the fact that his name is perfect.  Keagan means, "a thinker; fiery." Jonathan... well, I meant o come on.  *pointing to myself* And Strong...  This kid is set for success.

2. He has the biggest mane of curly hair, and he's only TWO!

3. I'm He has a pet elephant named E.  This is obviously because he understands that elephants are in danger of going extinct, and we need to raise awareness any way we can.  His way of raising awareness is by carrying around an adorable pThe fact I can yyyyÿtttttyurple elephant.u

4. He's already a talented dancer and singer.  He's incredibly expressive like his mother.  He has an amazing personality like his mother.  He has two amazing and talented and intelligent parents.

I'd go more into detail, but you would only understand if you met him.  More videos and photos to come.