Love and Work / by Jon Matteson

Hiya everyone.

I think I'm discovering that... the way we handle the world outside of the work (comedy, theatre, or film, or any artistic medium) directly affects the work that we do.  I'm finding that, if I'm treating others with respect, I respect my own work more, if I'm feeling intense passion or love towards a woman, then I can see it in my work.  If I'm with someone who treats my work with respect, then I blossom.  Etc. Etc.

This isn't a new idea.  It's just something that I'm rediscovering.  It's a good reminder that... if you live a life of discipline, and treat yourself and others kindly and with devotion, then you can expand like a tomato plant when it's fed water regularly.

Anyways, off to sleep.  Love you all.