Presidential / by Jon Matteson



I woke up very sad today

for the debate I saw last night.

Our nation has reduced to where

Values have faded from the light.

Sad that we have allowed this goon,

Spewing nonsense, deceit, and hate,

Circling the stage like a baboon,

Not a presidential candidate.

This thug brags about sexual assault

Calls young women defaming names,

Can transfer and pivot all his fault,

By calling it ‘locker room’ games.

He cheats and gets away with it.

He lies and get away with it.

He desecrates the sanctity

Of the highest public service,

By filling the room with abominable shit.

When did our values fade away?

When did lying become ok?

How could this goon that’s filled with rage

Represent our nation on the world stage.


I woke up very sad today,

Sad that children will see this debate

as their very first debate.

Maybe they’ll debate that way,

With intimidation and fear,

Maybe they’ll throw threats around,

And they’ll humiliate their peers.


        Or maybe…


Maybe they’ll see through the thick muck

that’s clouded this terrible year,

Shout that American values,

Are muddy and not very clear.

Maybe they’ll whisper to each other,

Instead of yelling in your ear.

Maybe they’ll know the purpose of debate,

Is to deliver an idea.


So use your vote to raise your voice

This year you shouldn’t wait.

Protect our right to make a choice

Since we are already “Great.”

Vote for the woman who will lead.

Who has experience, poise, and grace.

Not for this goon who will not care,

And sniffs through his fat, angry face.

Vote for the woman who has dedicated

years of her life to making stands.

Not for the little coward who

is ashamed of his tiny hands.

Head out to the voting booths now,

To vote early (and keep your receipt.)

Find a fire within your dismay,

And save the world from deceit.

The hate is rising like a flood.

This goon is raking us through the mud.

Now we are left with an easy choice:

One will clean the world with water

The other will stain it with blood.


© Jonathan Matteson 2016